We want to be first in Sub-Saharan Africa – Telecoms Chamber

CEO, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications
CEO, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications says the industry’s target is to dislodge South Africa and Nigeria as the best performing country in the telecommunications space in Sub Saharan Africa.

Ghana was ranked 3rd out of 48 Sub-Saharan African countries in the Telecommunications Risks and Reward Index.

It also placed second behind South Africa in the GSMA Mobile Index.

Chief Executive of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ken Ashigbey tells Joy Business the telecom industry performance has been improving year-on-year.

“It has always been improving. If you just look at data from 2014 we were at 41.43%. For example the 2018 data, we were now at 50.98% and this year we’ve moved to 52.01%. So it is aligned with what Fitch has also seen. There are some big performances that we are chalking as an industry and I pretty well believe that there’s still a lot more room for improvement.”

Mr. Ashigbey while explaining the success achieved by the sector, said there is more to be done to make the telecommunications sector indispensable to government, citizens and businesses.

“With the force revolution coming up, telecommunications is going to play a critical role in enabling industry, citizenry to be able to do what they ought to do, in enabling government to better serve citizens, in enabling businesses to be able to expand,” he said.

Ghana ranked 3rd out of 48 Sub-Saharan Africa countries in Telecoms Risk/Reward Index

Ghana paced 3rd out of 48 Sub-Saharan Africa countries in the Telecommunications Risks and Reward Index.

The nation was however ranked 73rd globally.

The nation scored 52.1% in the reward index which prioritized stronger subscription growth and regulator data supports.

It however scored 62% with regard to the risks index which highlights social, economic and political instability as well as security risks.

Overall, the country’s telecommunications market looks attractive than all the Sub Saharan African countries with the exception of South Africa and Nigeria which placed 1st and 2nd respectively.


Source: Myjoyonline