History of Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications is an industry association and a private initiative by the mobile network operators in Ghana.

We are an advocacy institution established to help direct telecommunications policy, legislation and regulation, and pursue research towards the development of telecommunications.

The Chamber of Telecommunications was registered in 2010 and inaugurated in 2011. Our industry has created over 1.6 million jobs, and 10% of all government revenues come from our business.

The Chamber comprises of a secretariat and Governing Council.

The Secretariat is the administrative nerve centre of the Governing Council.

The Chamber pursues co-opetition – i.e. co-operation among members on matters of common interest, without sacrificing competition.

There are 4 working groups that provide professional and technical capacity to support the Chamber; namely: Technical, Finance, Communications and Legal & Regulatory.

These 4 working groups comprise of a representative from each member. The groups engage with the Chamber on an ad-hoc basis to provide inputs on industry issues, developing and crafting far reaching industry positions that drive innovation, economic growth and societal inclusion.